animated movie The Magic Horse © Soyuzmultfilm Studios
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The Magic Horse

Young Ivan is guarding the family farm one night when he captures a magical flying horse. The horse takes him to a castle where he must pass three tests in order to save a princess.

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I like this little animated feature very much. Recently I traded for a 16mm print of Magic Pony, the 1977 version with the voice of Jim Bacus as the king....
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well, I'm not sure if the movie I saw was the same as this one.. this part of a series called Stories from My Childhood, which had Ivan and His...
Created by: Soyuzmultfilm Studios
Language: English dub
Country of Origin: Russia
Alternate Titles: The Magic Pony, Over the Rainbow, Ivan and his Magic Pony
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jim Backus ... The King
Hans Conried ... The Groom
Erin Moran ... Zip the Pony
Johnny Whitaker ... Ivan
Rob Lowe ... (unknown: 1998 version)
Directed by: Ivan Ivanov-Vano
Produced by: C.B. Wismar
Musical Score by: Tom Ed Williams
Writing Credits: Peter Yershov
Based on: Russian folk tale

There is a lot of confusion around this film, since it has had several different dubs, and been known variously as 'The Magic Horse', The Magic Pony', 'Ivan and his Magic Pony', 'Over the Rainbow', and 'The Little Hunchbacked Horse'. The first animated feature from the U.S.S.R., it was released in 1941, making it to the USA in dubbed form for a 1949 theatrical release. In 1977 it was re-released in the USA as 'The Magic Pony', with a new dub and different voice cast, and a synposis which seems to differ from the 1941 (1949) version. Finally, it was re-dubbed again in 1998 as part of the 'Stories of my Childhood' TV series. Same film, different music, different voice actors from the 1977 version.

NOT TO BE CONFUSED with yet another animated film called 'The Magic Horse', this time from the 1950's, by Charlotte Reiniger ('Director of The Adventures of Prince Achmed'), and probably made for TV.

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