animated movie The Little Polar Bear © Warner Bros. / Rothkirch Cartoon Film
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The Little Polar Bear

Lars is a young polar bear cub who, naďve of the ways of the world, befriends a young seal pup, much to the annoyance of the other bears. After finding a solution to the problems of predator and prey in the form of fish, Lars finds himself in a tropical rainforest and by the time he gets back home the fish are drying up and the bears are getting agitated. Since the local humans are having the same problem Lars assumes that something else is taking them: a black monster that is heading towards Lars' friends.

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Meh. I am an adult proud of my collection of animated films, but being caught with this one would be an embarrassment. The animation style is nice with simple flat...
Created by: Warner Bros., Rothkirch Cartoon Film
Language: English dub / German
Country of Origin: Germany
Alternate Title: Der Kleine Eisbär (Germany)
[ German ] Featuring the voices of:
Mijail Verona ... Robby
Maximilian Artajo ... Lars
Jeanette Biedermann ... Greta
Ingolf Lück ... Mika
Dirk Bach ... Caruso
Adak Azdasht ... Lena
Sandro Blümel ... Pieps
Harry Rowohlt ... Hippo
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Wesley Singerman ... Lars
Brianne Siddall ... Robby
Michael McConnohie ... Mika
RuDee Lipscomb ... Greta
Kimberly J. Brown ... Lena
Sandy Fox ... Pieps
Produced by: Wolfgang Wegmann, Thilo Rothkirch, Willi Geike, Siegmund Grewenig and Davy Sidjanski
Executive Producers: Maya Gräfin Rothkirch
Musical Score by: Nigel Clarke and Michael Csányi-Wills
Writing Credits: Piet De Rycker, Bert Schrickel and Thomas Wittenburg
Based on: The books by Hans de Beer.
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English dub
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