animated movie The Little Fox © Pannonia Film Company
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The Little Fox

Leaving his den without his parents knowledge, fox cub Vuk - Vic in the English dub - is sparred the fate of the rest of his family when a human hunter finds and digs them out. Vuk is subsequently adopted by his stern uncle Karak, who raises and teaches him to be a cunning and clever hunter.

Created by: Pannonia Film Company
Language: English dub / Hungarian
Country of Origin: Hungary
Alternate Title: Vuk (Hungary)
[ Hungarian ] Featuring the voices of:
Judit Pogány ... Young Vuk
József Gyabronka ... Vuk
Teri Földi ... Íny
Gyula Szabó ... Kag
László Csákányi ... Karak, old fox
Erzsébet Kútvölgyi ... Fox Girl
Tibor Bitskey ... Narrator
Miklós Benedek ... Sut
Róbert Koltai ... The Hunter
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Steven Weber ... Vic
Directed by: Attila Dargay
Musical Score by: Péter Wolf
Writing Credits: Attila Dargay, István Imre and Ede Tarbay
Based on: the novel "Vuk" by István Fekete.

At least one of the USA, English versions of the film are edited from the film proper length of 79 minutes (76min PAL), down to 65. The video version with the cut states that it is a "new edited version".

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