animated series The Lion Guard © Disney / Mercury Filmworks
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The Lion Guard

Kion, son of Simba and Nala, and prince of the pridelands, discovers that he has been given the gift of the roar. The lion cub assembles a team comprising of the bravest (Bunga, a honey badger), fastest (Fuli, a cheetah) strongest (Beshte, a hippopotamus) and keenest of sight (Ono, a Cattle Egret). Together, they protect the pridelands and the Circle of Life.

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Harmless and cute continuation of the great Lion King trilogy, and a great way to introduce younger audience to this classic. Sure, it takes some time for those who have...
Created by: Disney, Mercury Filmworks
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar
Featuring the voices of:
Max Charles ... Kion
Joshua Rush ... Bunga
Diamond White ... Fuli
Atticus Shaffer ... Ono
Dusan Brown ... Beshte
Kevin Schon ... Timon, Chungu, Chunga
Andrew Kishino ... Janja
Ernie Sabella ... Pumbaa
Khary Payton ... Rafiki
Vargus Mason ... Cheezi
Phil LaMarr ... Golgol
Russi Taylor ... Muhanga
Rob Lowe ... Simba
Gabrielle Union ... Nala
Gary Anthony Williams ... Mufasa
Christian Slater ... Ushari
Jonny Rees ... Mzingo
Eden Riegel ... Kiara
Sarah Hyland ... Tiifu, Tifu
Cam Clark ... Mwoga
Jeff Bennett ... Zazu
Madison Pettis ... Zuri
Howy Parkins ... Mbeya
Lynette DuPree ... Matembo
Ana Gasteyer ... Reirei
Maia Mitchell ... Jasiri
Blair Underwood ... Makuu
Alex Cartañá ... Twiga
Kevin Michael Richardson ... Basi
Jacob Guenther ... Dogo
Gerald C. Rivers ... Pua
Directed by: Howy Parkins
Executive Producers: Ford Riley
Musical Score by: Christopher Willis
Writing Credits: Kevin Hopps, John Loy, Ford Riley, Jack Monaco, Elise Allen, Leona Beckert and Dawn Conners

The series starts with a 50min “mini-movie” depicting the formation of the team and the discovering of Kion gift; followed by regular 22 minute episodes thereafter.

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