animated series The Legend of Calamity Jane © Warner Bros.
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The Legend of Calamity Jane

Follow the adventures of a fast-shooting real western heroine, who's also part Native American, as she rights wrongs and stops villains in the lawless 19th century.

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Chalk this one onto the board as yet another cartoon killed before its prime. However, this poor show probably earns the record of being the fastest killed cartoon in history....
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English / Spanish
Country of Origin: Belgium / Spain
Featuring the voices of:
Barbara Scaff ... Calamity Jane
Frank Welker ... Joe Presto
Clancy Brown ... Wild Bill Hickok
Miriam Flynn ... Lonely Sue
Michael Horse ... Quanna Parker
Julia Kato ... Leilani
Tim Matheson ... Capt John O'Rourke
Candi Milo ... Zita
Mark Rolston ... Bill Doolin
Directed by: Pascal Morelli
Writing Credits: Mark Zaslove, Francoise Boublil, Jean Helpert and Ken Pontac
profile by: Toonboy