animated series The Hydronauts © Millimages / Toons'n'Tales / Kindercanal / NDR / France 5
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The Hydronauts

Intent on saving her home planet, that is threatened by a rapidly receding water level, the young alien astronaut Neptuna sets off on an investigative mission to the "Blue Water Planet", our Earth. But her space ship "Hydronica", which also has the pedantic on-board computer OBO and which doubles as a submarine, runs into trouble : Neptuna is forced to undertake an emergency landing in the Baltic Sea.

She meets up with Balty, the seal and Ponto, the sea-gull, who very quickly decide to accompany her on this mission - to explore the magnificent marine life of our planet.

- From Toons'n'Tales Germany

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'Hydronauts' is a new show, but it feels about 20 years old. Aimed at a younger audience, it concerns the adventures of Neptuna, whose spaceship crashlands in the Baltic Sea...
Created by: Millimages, Toons'n'Tales, Kindercanal, NDR, France 5
Language: English dub
Country of Origin: France / Germany
Alternate Title: Die Hydronauten (Germany)
Featuring the voices of:
Keith Wickham ... Ponto
Series Created by: Eckart Fingberg and Michael Maedel
Based on: An idea by Mikael Wahlforss

"I play a grumpy seagull called Ponto, who is in a wheelchair. Only in cartoons could you get a gig like that!" - Keith Wickham

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