short film The Gruffalo © Magic Light Pictures / Studio Soi / Orange Eye
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The Gruffalo

After their mother has a near death experience with an owl, two squirrels, fearful of her safety, ask her to tell them a story rather than retrieve a nut she dropped. She obliges and tells them a story of a little mouse that uses cunning to evade predators that would make a meal of him, by inventing a fearsome beast, a Gruffalo, who he is meeting for dinner, and whose favourite food happens to be the predator currently stalking him. However the mouse soon finds out that his make believe savior isn't entirely fictional, and that mouse is on its dinner menu.

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Well, thanks to Starlac for listing this, and apologies that a) my review is inferior, and b) I don't quite agree with him. Since the plot has been covered already (or,...
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Nominated for both a BAFTA – albeit last year – as well as this years Oscars, The Gruffalo would sound like a great piece of animation, at least until you...
Created by: Magic Light Pictures, Studio Soi, Orange Eye
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK / Germany
Featuring the voices of:
Helena Bonham-Carter ... Mother Squirrel / Narrator
James Corden ... Mouse
Tom Wilkinson ... Fox
John Hurt ... Owl
Rob Brydon ... Snake
Robbie Coltrane ... Gruffalo
Sam Lewis ... First Little Squirrel
Phoebe Givron-Taylor ... Second Little Squirrel
Directed by: Max Lang and Jakob Schuh
Produced by: Michael Rose and Martin Pope
Executive Producers: Polly Hill
Musical Score by: René Aubry
Writing Credits: Max Lang, Jakob Schuh and Julia Donaldson
Based on: The Book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
profile by: starlac