animated movie The Great Mouse Detective © Disney
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The Great Mouse Detective

Beneath the house of the esteemed detective, Sherlock Holmes, lives his mouse counterpart the equally infamous, Basil of Baker St. In another part of London, a little girl, Olivia, is celebrating her birthday with her father. When Olivia's father is kidnapped, the young mouse goes in search of the one and only mouse detective. Along the way, she meets up with a Dr. Dawson, recently returned from services overseas. He helps the girl find Baker St. and together they ask Basil for his help in tracking down Olivia's father. Basil deduces that her father was kidnapped by none other than his arch-rival, Ratigan, and agrees to take the case. What Basil doesn't know is that Olivia's father is only one piece is Ratigan's grand plan to take over all of Mousedom.

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The Great Mouse Detective Is The Coolest Movie Ever. It Had CGI Effects On The Clockworks During The Fight Scene With Basil And Professor Ratigan. It Sounded Like Last Year's...
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I wasn't really expecting much from this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. Disney's 'dark age' films from the 80s tend to be overlooked. The Great Mouse Detective might not...
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This was one of my all time favorites, next to Dalmations, when I was little. I loved the characters, the animation, and the story. Even now I still...
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Is The Great Mouse Detective better or worse than The Black Cauldron? Let's analyze a few facts about both. The Black Cauldron's budget could run circles around the The Great...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Titles: Basil the Great Mouse Detective (UK), Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective
Featuring the voices of:
Barring Ingham ... Basil of Baker St.
Val Bettin ... Dr. Dawson
Susanne Pollatschek ... Olivia Flaversham
Vincent Price ... Professor Ratigan
Candy Candido ... Fidget
Alan Young ... Hiram Flaversham
Diana Chesney ... Mrs. Judson
Eve Brenner ... The Mouse Queen
Melissa Manchester ... the Pub Singer
Produced by: Burny Mattinson
Songs by: Henry Mancini, Larry Grossman and Ellen Fitzhugh
Based on: the novel, "Basil of Baker Street," by Eve Titus

animated movie The Great Mouse Detective © DisneyCGI buffs should take note of the clocktower sequence at the climax of the film--it marks Disney's first experiment with computer animation.

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