animated series The Glo Friends © Marvel / Sunbow Productions / Hasbro
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The Glo Friends

The Glo Friends are a group of friendly insects and bugs who drink the moondrops that fall to Earth during the night. With the power of this magical liquid they are able to glow brightly and help keep the forest of Glo Land healthy; as well as protect it from the greedy Mulligans, who eat the roots of their beloved plant friends and try to capture the bright Glo Friends to aid them in their never-ending quest to find gold.

Created by: Marvel, Sunbow Productions, Hasbro
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Hal Rayle ... Rook, Basher, Nutcap
Roger C. Carmel ... Starnose
Nancy Cartwright ... Scoop, Baby Gloworm
Charles Adler ... Excavator, Glo Bug, Dipper Duck
Russi Taylor ... Glo Cappy
Don Messick ... Glo Snail
Frank Welker ... Glo Sluggerbug, Bully Frog
Susan Silo ... Nails
Directed by: Marija Miletic Dail
Produced by: Marija Miletic Dail
Writing Credits: Diane Duane
Based on: Hasbro's toy Glo Worm and related merchandising.
profile by: starlac