short film The Flat © Krátký Film Praha
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The Flat

"A man falls into a room and the door locks behind him. Following chalked arrow marks on his hands and knees, he comes to a door whose handle comes off in his hand. He looks around the room. Gazing into a mirror, he sees the back of his head. Water pours out of the gas cooker when he attempts to light it. Above a photograph of a group of people is another, torn and decaying, of a naked woman. A chair's legs grow longer and shorter and jab him in the eye. A swinging light smashes a hole in the wall; a wooden fist hits him; the bread he finds has been hollowed out by rats. An egg falls through the table. He punches the wall and his hand becomes jammed. When he rests his hands on the table, they go through it. His fork bends. When he seeks relief on a bed, it is transformed into a pile of sawdust. His clothes are ripped by malevolent nails..."

From 'Jan Svankmajer: architect of the surreal'

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Very good review below. This is one of my favourite early Svankmajer shorts, and like most of his shorts, it keeps growing on you. What it makes very plain...
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This characteristically bizarre Svankmajer film is reminiscent of a slapstick silent; this is reinforced by the fact that the hero rarely looks more than slightly bemused by the goings on....
Created by: Krátký Film Praha
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Alternate Title: Byt (Czechoslovakia)
Directed by: Jan Svankmajer
Produced by: Erna Kmínková and Jirí Vanek
Musical Score by: Zdenek Liska
Writing Credits: Jan Svankmajer
Animated by: Zdenek Sob
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