holiday animation The First Snow of Winter © Hibbert Ralph Animation
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The First Snow of Winter

Sean McDuck is forever causing mischief and scaring the hapless gulls, much to his friend Puffy’s dismay. Today is Fly South for the Winter Day, but the duck can’t resist goofing off scaring gulls along the way. In doing so he becomes separated from his family in some cloud cover, where he has a close encounter with an airplane and falls to the ground, breaking his wing. His distraught mother, believing that the fox has eaten him, flies off without him. A lost and stranded Sean is befriended by a water vole, who teaches him how to survive the winter.

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I love animal tales. I love them more when the story is about survival and keeps the danger factor in, including the word "die". Today, not many things can do...
Created by: Hibbert Ralph Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Miriam Margolyes ... Sean
Dermot Morgan ... Voley
Kate Sachs ... Puffy
Directed by: Graham Ralph
Produced by: Jackie Edwards
Musical Score by: Mark Sayer-Wade
Writing Credits: David Freedman and Alan Gilbey

This short is dedicated to the memory of Dermot Morgan, better known as Father Ted in the sitcom of the same name, who died of a heart attack during the short's production.

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