animated movie The Fantastic Planet © Jiri Trnka Studios
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The Fantastic Planet

The planet Ygam is ruled by giant, blue intellectuals known as Traags, who spend much of their time in telepathic meditation, or recieving racial knowledge through their 'induction' devices. However they have a problem: a race of tiny, primitive beings called 'Oms' (humans) which were brought back from Earth as pets. Oms are regarded as pests and are frequently destroyed en-masse. Then one day an Om boy escapes his Traag master, taking one of the induction devices to the feral Oms living in the local park. As they acquire knowledge of the Traag's technology, their society begins to change, becoming a threat to the Traags.

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Forget Antz forget about Ant Bully its this film that made me respect my fellow insectoid brother. Putting humans in place pets made me respect my hamster more but I digress. The...
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'Fantastic Planet' is a remarkable film, but my enjoyment of it was spoiled by the poor Australian DVD version, which shares some of its faults with the US release I...
Created by: Jiri Trnka Studios
Language: French
Country of Origin: France / Czechoslovakia
Alternate Title: La Plančte sauvage (France)
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Barry Bostwick ... Narrator
Cynthia Adler ... voice (uncredited)
Mark Gruner ... voice (uncredited)
Nora Heflin ... voice
Marvin Miller ... voice (uncredited)
Monika Ramirez ... voice (uncredited)
Hal Smith ... voice (uncredited)
Olan Soule ... voice (uncredited)
Janet Waldo ... voice
Directed by: Rene Laloux and Roland Topor
Produced by: Roger Corman, S. Damiani, Anatole Dauman and A. Valio-Cavaglione
Musical Score by: Alain Goraguer
Writing Credits: Rene Laloux, Roland Topor, Steve Hayes and Stefan Wul
Based on: Oms En Serie - novel by Stefan Wul

Though begun in Czechoslovakia, the film was finished in France, as the Soviet authorities regarded it as subversive.

Winner of Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, 1973.

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