animated movie The Emperor's New Groove © Disney
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The Emperor's New Groove

Kuzco is the young ruler of a mythical South American empire and the world revolves around him. Everything is going his way because he always gets his way--whether it's building his Kuzcotopia summer house over the ancestral home of the peasant Pacha or firing his long-time advisor Yzma. The somewhat aged and very vain Yzma doesn't take too kindly to her forced retirement and she decides to poison Kuzco then take the Empire for herself. Unfortunately her well-meaning but dimwitted sidekick, Kronk, bumbles the job and Kuzco ends up a being tranformed into a llama then dumped into the wagon of peasant Pacha, the llama herder. When the talking llama pronounces who he really is, Pacha agrees to help him get back to the palace but only if the spoiled Emperor decides to build his Kuzcotopia somewhere else.

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rated it:
Oh man - this movie is freaking hilarious and one of my favorite animated films. From the opening scene I was completely hooked and in love with the characters and...
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rated it:
The Emperors New Groove busted into movie theaters in 2000 earning $89 million on a $100 million budget... a loser after a long string of profitable animated features stretching back...
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rated it:
"The Emperor's New Groove" is the funniest Disney movie along with "Aladdin". The characters are very charismatic, even the bad ones, the story is original, the animation is good, the...
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rated it:
This is one of the funniest movies we have, and it's up there with Johnny English, a horribly under-rated movie, in the most viewed in our family. When we saws...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
David Spade ... Kuzco
John Goodman ... Pacha
Eartha Kitt ... Yzma
Patrick Warburton ... Kronk
Wendie Malick ... ChiCha (Pacha's wife)
Eli Russell Linnetz ... Tipo
Kellyann Kelso ... Chaca
Bob Bergen ... Bucky the Squirrel
Tom Jones ... Theme Song Singer
Patti Deutsch ... Waitress
John Fiedler ... Old Man
Joe Whyte ... Official
Directed by: Mark Dindal
Produced by: Randy Fullmer
Executive Producers: Don Hahn
Musical Score by: John Debney and David Hartley
Songs by: Sting
Writing Credits: Mark Dindal, Roger Allers, Matthew Jacobs, David Reynolds and Chris Williams
Supervising / Directing Animators: Tony Bancroft, Bruce W. Smith, Nik Ranieri and Dale Baer
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