animated series The Dreamstone © FilmFair / Martin Gates Productions
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The Dreamstone

In the Land of Dreams, the young Noop Rufus canít hold down a job, his daydreaming bringing him into conflict with his employers. On the advice of his friend Amberley, Rufus becomes the assistant of the Dream Maker, the creator of dreams and holder of the most powerful object in the land: The Dreamstone. On the other side of the world, beyond the Mists of Limbo, lie the Land of Nightmares. In this scarred kingdom, deep within the Black Mountain of Viltheed, the mighty Lord Zordrak wishes to gain the powerful Dreamstone so that his nightmare inducing Argorribles may reign. To this end he sends his dimwitted Urpney soldiers, lead by Sergeant Blob, through the mists to steal it.

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Created by: FilmFair, Martin Gates Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Stuart Lock ... Rufus
Nancy Hendry ... Amberley
John Franklyn-Robbins ... The Dream Maker
Derek Wright ... Pildit the Eighth
Peter Craze ... Narrator (1990)
Gary Martin ... Zordrak, Narrator (1991)
Richard Tate ... Sgt. Blob
Melvyn Hayes ... Frizz
Anthony Jackson ... Nug
Leonard Whiting ... Urpgor (1990)
Jackie Clarke ... Wildit
Series Created by: Michael Jupp
Directed by: Phil Robinson
Musical Score by: Mike Batt
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