short film The Cat Came Back © National Film Board of Canada
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The Cat Came Back

"Now old Mr. Johnson had troubles of his own. Still the yellow cat that wouldn't leave his home. Steps were needed to remove the little curse. The old man knew it couldn't get any worse..." -- lyrics from 'The Cat Came Back'

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Pure pleasure! A truly magical animated world! Good! wow. Cool. Oh yeah. My ratings 1/2 stars! Oh my. I give five stars. Very good. Oh boy. Whoa. Cool. Wow. I...
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Classic. I've seen this so many times when I was a kid, and I only wish they would still show it as often on Canadian television as they did back...
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Great short! The jokes are fabulous and very well-placed. I re-watched it a few times, and I still laugh on the same way I did on the first time on...
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I watch it in an animation festival in my country. I enjoyed it very very much. I love it....
Created by: National Film Board of Canada
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Directed by: Cordell Barker
Executive Producers: Ches Yetman
Musical Score by: John McCulloch
Writing Credits: Cordell Barker
Animated by: Cordell Barker

Winner of the Genie for Best Animated Short Film as well as being nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short.

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