animated movie The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland © Nelvana
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The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

The White Rabbit arrives in Care-a-Lot via Grumpy Bearís bathroom mirror, seeking his niece Swift-Heart Rabbit. He tells the Care Bears that the princess of Wonderland has disappeared just before her coronation is due and that if she is unable to be found in time then the rule of Wonderland will fall to the wizard of Wonderland, who plans to tame the wackiness of the fantasy land. Happy to help, the bears and cousins find a doppelganger in Alice, who accompanies them in the hope of passing her as the princess while the bears set about trying to find the real one.

Created by: Nelvana
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Bobby Dermer ... Grumpy Bear
Eva Almos ... Swift Heart Rabbit
Dan Hennessey ... Brave Heart Lion, Dum
Jim Henshaw ... Tenderheart Bear
Marla Lukofsky ... Good Luck Bear
Luba Goy ... Lots-A-Heart Elephant
Keith Knight ... The White Rabbit
Tracey Moore ... Alice
Colin Fox ... The Wizard of Wonderland
John Stocker ... Cheshire Cat, Dim
Don McManus ... Caterpillar
Elizabeth Hanna ... The Queen of Hearts
Alan Fawcett ... Flamingo
Keith Hampshire ... The Mad Hatter, The Jabberwocky
Alyson Court ... The Princess
Directed by: Raymond Jafelice
Musical Score by: Patricia Cullen
Songs by: John Sebastian
Writing Credits: Peter Sauder, Susan Snooks, John de Klein and Heather MacGillvray
Based on: In part on the story from Lewis Carroll.
profile by: starlac