animated series The Care Bears © Nelvana / DIC Entertainment
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The Care Bears

Up in the land of Care-a-Lot, a group of bears and their cousins look down on the world below. If they spot a kid in trouble they send down a squad to guide them in the ways of love and caring. Of course things aren’t always as easy as that, with enemies like Professor Coldheart and the dark wizard No Heart trying to rid the world of feelings. The bears then turn to their magical Care Bear Stare to save the day.

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Created by: Nelvana, DIC Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Canada
Alternate Titles: The Care Bears Family, The Care Bears Family Storybook
Featuring the voices of:
Eva Almos ... Friend Bear, Swift Heart Rabbit
Patricia Black ... Funshine Bear, Share Bear
Melleny Brown ... Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear
Bobby Dermer ... Grumpy Bear
Luba Goy ... Lotsa Heart Elephant, Gentle Heart Lamb
Janet-Laine Green ... Wish Bear
Terri Hawkes ... Shreeky
Dan Hennessey ... Brave Heart Lion, Loyal Heart Dog, Good Luck Bear
Jim Henshaw ... Bright Heart Raccoon
Pam Hyatt ... Noble Heart Horse
Marla Lukofsky ... Playful Heart Monkey
Maxine Miller ... True Heart Bear
Pauline Rennie ... Cozy Heart Penguin, Treat Heart Pig
Billie Mae Richards ... Tenderheart Bear
Linda Sorenson ... Love-a-Lot Bear
John Stocker ... Mr. Beastly, Rat King
Louise Vallance ... Proud Heart Cat
Laurie Waller-Benson ... Bedtime Bear
Chris Wiggins ... No Heart
Directed by: James A. Simon
Executive Producers: Jean Chalopin and Andy Heyward
Musical Score by: Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman
Writing Credits: Peter Sauder, Eleanor Burian-Mohr, Jack Hanrahan, Alex Boon, Randal Case, Howard R. Cohen, Matt Geller, Don Hart, Shelly Karol, Francis Moss, Jack Olesker and Bruce Reisman

animated series The Care Bears © Nelvana / DIC EntertainmentAfter the success of the first two movies, Nelvana took over production of the TV series from DIC. The DIC series (Pictured Right) featured the style and the enemies Professor Coldheart and Frostbite from the two TV specials and comprised the first 21 episodes. Nelvana’s series made the remaining 75 episodes, their series picking up after the second Care Bear film, adding new enemies No Heart and Mr. Beastly, while removing Professor Coldheart.

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