animated series The Bluffers © Frank Fehmers Productions
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The Bluffers

Once Bluffonia was a beautiful country, but then the crazed maniac Clandestino took over; building a fortress on top of the old castle and laying waste to the countryside. Nearby, in what remains of Bluffonia’s last forest, the Bluffers - lead by speedy squirrel Zipper and Zocks the wise owl - make plans to infiltrate the fortress and steal the thing that has given Clandestino his power, his most precious possession: the “Secret of Getting it All”, locked in the deepest part of the catacombs.

Created by: Frank Fehmers Productions
Language: English dub / Dutch
Country of Origin: Canada / UK / Netherlands
Featuring the voices of:
Allen Swift ... Clandestino, other voices
Gene Deitch ... Unknown Voices
Series Created by: Gene Deitch
Directed by: Frank Fehmers
Produced by: Gene Deitch
Executive Producers: Frank Fehmers
Musical Score by: Eric Jam Harmsen
Writing Credits: Gene Deitch, Frank Fehmers and Richard Felgate
profile by: starlac