animated cartoon The Batman vs. Dracula © Warner Bros.
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The Batman vs. Dracula

Both Joker and Penguin escape from Arkam Asylum in pursuit of huge stash of mob treasure. Instead of treasure, they accidently unleash the original creature of the night upon Gotham City--Count Dracula. The king of vampires begins snatching Gotham's citizens to turn them into his undead slaves. Since the disappearances appear to be at the hand of a "giant bat", Gotham believes the city's shadowy crusader, Batman, who must be the culprit. Now Batman must find a way to stop Dracula, and return his victims to the land of the living...

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This was so-so for me, it's not my fave, but it's still good none the less for the series. They did alot of research on vampires, and the DVD itself...
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In September 2004, Batman returned to TV once again in an all new series: The Batman. This series presented a younger hero in a highly stylistic world with many reimagined...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Rino Romano ... Batman / Bruce Wayne
Peter Stormare ... Dracula
Kevin Michael Richardson ... The Joker
Tom Kenny ... The Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot
Jeff Bennett ... Arkham Asylum Inmate
Tara Strong ... Vicky Vale
Alastair Duncan ... Alfred Pennyworth
Directed by: Michael Goguen
Produced by: Linda Steiner and Jeff Matsuda
Musical Score by: Thomas Chase Jones
Writing Credits: Duane Capizzi
Based on: the DC comic characters created by Bob Kane
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