animated movie The Ark © Patagonik Film Group
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The Ark

God decides to end the world to rid it of evil, but finds a soul worth saving in Noah. He informs Noah of his plan to send a flood to destroy the world and tells him to build an ark and to also bring on-board two pairs of every animal. The Lions also, receive the message and set up an emergency meeting of the animals, who decide to make for the Ark. However, there is dissension in the ranks, with the other predators plotting to take over the kingship by framing the witless Prince Xiro.

Created by: Patagonik Film Group
Language: English dub / Italian / Spanish
Country of Origin: Spain / Italy / Argentina
Alternate Titles: El arca (Argentina), L' Arca di Noé (Italy)
Produced by: Camillo Teti, Pablo Bossi, Alejandro Cacetta, Roberto Di Girolamo, Juan Pablo Galli, Giuliana Migani and Juan Vera
Executive Producers: Camillo Teti, Roberto Di Girolamo and Ariel Saúl
Musical Score by: Andrés Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab
Writing Credits: Juan Pablo Buscarini, Axel Nacher, Fernando Schmidt, Enrique Cortés and Barbara Di Girolamo
Based on: The story of Noah's Ark.
profile by: starlac