animated series The Alvin Show © Format Films
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The Alvin Show

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are three chipmunks who provide their own kind of music to the world, under the guidance of their manager and songwriter David Seville. Meanwhile inventor Clyde Crashcup attempts to convince the audience that he invented various everyday objects (and in some cases places, etc), which he recreates to prove this as fact, before the invention somehow went wrong.

Created by: Format Films
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Ross Bagdasarian ... Alvin, Simon, Theodore, David Seville
Shepard Menken ... Clyde Crashcup
June Foray ... Mrs. Frumpington
Directed by: Alan Zaslove, Rudy Larriva, Hal Ambro, Osmond Evans and Gil Turner
Produced by: Jules Engel
Executive Producers: Herbert Klynn
Musical Score by: Charles E. King
Writing Credits: Cal Howard, Dale Hale, Bob Kurtz, Ed Nofziger, Leo Salkin and Jan Strejan

animated series The Alvin Show © Format FilmsAfter the success of his first single “Witch Doctor” Ross Bagdasarian followed it with the immensely popular novelty record “The Chipmunk Song.” These two singles not only saved him from financial ruin, but also saved the ailing record company (Liberty Records) that distributed them. This animated series was created on the back on the record’s success (after selling 4.5 million records in seven weeks, it broke all previous sales in music record history).

The names of the rodents were taken from the names of three of the executives at Liberty Records: Label president Alvin Bennett, Label Vice-President/record producer Si Waronker and Recording Enginneer Ted Keep.

The show was recorded in color but originally broadcasted in black and white before being re-released in color when that became the standard viewing format. The series failed to make much ground in its primetime slot and was cancelled after it first season.

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