animated movie The Adventures of the American Rabbit © Toei Animation / Clubhouse Pictures
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The Adventures of the American Rabbit

When young Rob Rabbit is born, a wise, elderly rabbit remarks that he will have a quite a future ahead of him. Indeed as he grows up, he becomes a strong kickball player and a fine pianist…

Then, one faithful day at a family picnic, he spies a boulder falling off the nearby cliffs towards his parents. As he races to save his family Rob’s dormant powers are revealed, donning symbolic stars and stripes, Rob becomes the American Rabbit. The elderly rabbit appears to tell them that Rob has been selected to uphold the legacy of the American Rabbit. How Rob must leave his idyllic home behind to protect the outside world and soon finds himself working as a pianist at the Pandamonium clubhouse in San Francisco which is being threatened by a local gang of thugs.

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If styrofoam became sentient and learnt how to make movies, this would be the result. 'The Adventures of the American Rabbit' is bland bland bland into infinity, and a perfect...
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Based on a character appearing in a painting from Stewart Moskowitz and co-starring characters from some of his other paintings (Chocolate Moose, The Corporation, et al). The Adventure of the...
Created by: Toei Animation, Clubhouse Pictures
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Japan
Featuring the voices of:
Barry Gordon ... Rob/American Rabbit
Kenneth Mars ... Vultor
Bob Arbogast ... Theo
Lorenzo Music ... Ping
Lauri O'Brien ... Bunny O'Hare
Directed by: Fred Wolf and Nobutaka Nishizawa
Produced by: Mark Volman, Masaharu Etô, John G. Marshall, Stewart Moskowitz and Masahisa Saeki
Executive Producers: Michael Rosenblatt
Musical Score by: Howard Kaylan, Mark Volman and John Hoier
Writing Credits: Norm Lenzer
Based on: Characters created by Stewart Moskowitz.
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