animated movie The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle © Universal
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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Fearless Leader and his cohorts Boris and Natasta escape into the real world and set up a TV station designed to turn Americans into mindless zombies. In respond, the FBI sends rookie agent Karen Sympathy to get Rocky and Bullwinkle, the only ones who have ever managed to stop them, out of re-runs and into reality so they can once again save the world.

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This 2000 live-action movie starring Rene Russo, Jason Alexander, Robert DeNiro and Piper Perabo was summed up perfectly when Bullwinkle responded to this comment from the narrator: "And 'Really Bad...
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Having seen little if anything of the original cartoons, I canít say I have much foreknowledge on them, other that what Iíve read and heard about. Having said that when...
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I didn't care for this one at all. I found most of the characters either annoying or boring. There wasn't much of a plot, that I can remember,...
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I'm not going to get too in-depth. I've seen worse movies. Bullwinkle and Rocky themselves act in character, and the feel of the movie is true to the spirit of...
Created by: Universal
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Germany
Featuring the voices of:
June Foray ... Rocky J. Squirrel, Cartoon Natasha Fatale, Narrator's Mother
Keith Scott ... Bullwinkle J. Moose, Narrator, Cartoon Boris Badenov, Cartoon Fearless Leader
Featuring live-action actors:
Rene Russo ... Natasha Fatale
Jason Alexander ... Boris Badenov
Piper Perabo ... FBI Agent Karen Sympathy
Robert de Niro ... Fearless Leader
Directed by: Des McAnuff
Produced by: Robert de Niro and Jane Rosenthal
Executive Producers: Tiffany Ward
Musical Score by: Mark Mothersbaugh, Carlos Rodriguez and Larry Dominello
Theme Music by: Frank Comstock and Fred Steiner
Writing Credits: Kenneth Lonergan
Based on: Characters created by Jay Ward
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