animated series The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill © Southern Star Singapore (Australia)
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The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill

Bill (and his best friend Corky) are characters created from 'found objects' in a mixture of CGI, 2D and stop motion. Bill is mainly constructed from a soda bottle, whereas Corky (supposedly his 'horse', though they seem more like flatmates) is based on a soft-drink can. They get into numerous adventures, in a landscape which is also constructed from thrown-away objects, and which usually builds itself as the characters enter it, frame by frame, from (for instance) a detergent bottle to a fully realised character.

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This series is aimed squarely at the youngest demographic, but I still find it quite charming. The series seems to be a mixture of CGI and stop motion. Bottle Top...
Created by: Southern Star Singapore (Australia)
Language: English
Country of Origin: Australia / Singapore
Alternate Titles: The Adventures of Bottletop Bill (UK), The Adventures of Bottletop Bill and His Best Friend Corky
Featuring the voices of:
Graham Matters ... Bill
Emma Jane Hyland ... Corky
Series Created by: Cameron Chittock
Produced by: Noel Price
Executive Producers: Nick Wilson, Noel Price, Clare Birks and Claire Henderson
Musical Score by: Doug Gray
Writing Credits: Kevin Nemeth, Rosemary Barratt, Arrabella Warner, Sadie Wilson, Nick Wilson and Sally Marchant
Animated by: Cameron Chittock

animated series The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill © Southern Star Singapore (Australia)The first animated series largely produced in Singapore.

Due for UK DVD release on July 24, 2006

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Region 2 - UK
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