animated cartoon Tekken: The Motion Picture © Foursome Co., Ltd.
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Tekken: The Motion Picture

Heihachi Mishima threw his own son Kazuya of a cliff because he didn’t deem him strong enough to live up to his legacy. Years later, government agents and martial art experts Jun Kazama and Lei WuLong are sent invites to a fighting tournament hosted by Mishima on his private island, with orders to uncover whatever Mishima is up to. Boarding the ship, the two met up with the other contestants and witness the arrival of Kazuya, who survived the fall and became determined to kill his father in revenge, even if that meant selling his soul to a demon.

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One-on-one fighting games are generally not all that big on plot, it either about gaining notoriety, money, some sort of special weapon or in a few cases, simplistic revenge. In-depth...
Created by: Foursome Co., Ltd.
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Kazuhiro Yamaji ... Kazuya Mishima
Yumi Tôma ... Jun Kazama
Akio Nakamura ... Lei Wulong
Daisuke Gôri ... Heihachi Mishima
Shinichirô Miki ... Lee Chaolan
Minami Takayama ... Nina Williams, young Kazuya Mishima
Kaori Yamagata ... Anna Williams
Akio Ôtsuka ... Jack-2, Narrator
Tamio Oki ... Dr. Boskonovich
Sendai Eri ... Young Jun Kazama
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Adam Dudley ... Kazuya Mishima
Jacob Franchek ... Young Kazuya Mishima
Edi Patterson ... Jun Kazama
Lucy Faris ... Young Jun Kazama
John Paul Shephard ... Heihachi Mishima
Gray Haddock ... Lei Wulong
David Stokey ... Lee Chaolan
Ellie McBride ... Nina Williams
Claire Hamilton ... Anna Williams
Mark O'Brien ... Jack-2
Ken Webster ... Dr. Boskonovich
David Jones ... Narrator
Directed by: Kunihisa Sugishima
Writing Credits: Ryota Yamaguchi
Based on: The videogame series

Despite the title, this "film" was never released to theatres.

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