animated series Stressed Eric © Klasky-Csupo / Absolutely Television
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Stressed Eric

The day-to-day life of 40-year-old Eric Feeble, an perennial London town loser who’s wife has divorced him to pursue her dream of self discovery; leaving Eric alone to take care of the two kids: his bright but hyper-allergic to everything six-year-old daughter, and autistic nine-year-old son. The Portuguese au pair, Maria is hopeless and unreliable, suffering from drunkenness and eating disorders.

Also Eric’s menial job in the data department is hampered by his self-centered secretary, who uses the phone to talk to her friends, arrives late and leaves early; his loudmouth blowhard of a boss constantly makes it known that he doesn't think much of Eric. From trying to attend school fates, entertaining important company clients, a crippling mortgage over his head and the snobbish Perfect family that live in virtual luxury next door; it seems to Eric that the whole world is against him and with his high blood pressure he just isn’t able to cope.

Created by: Klasky-Csupo, Absolutely Television
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / UK
[ US cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Hank Azaria ... Eric Feeble
[ UK cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Mark Heap ... Eric Feeble
Featuring the voices of:
Morwenna Banks ... Claire Feeble, Heather Perfect
Rebecca Front ... Liz
Doon Mackichan ... Maria, Alison
Geoffrey McGivern ... Paul Power
Paul Shearer ... Doc
Alison Steadman ... Mrs. Perfect
Produced by: Hank Azaria, Mitch Watson and Carl Gorham
Musical Score by: Peter Baikie, Mat Clark and Jason McDermid

The downbeat, immensely bleak nature of the series (Eric is never allowed a single victory in any of the episodes) was at odds with the American sitcom model and the show was cancelled there after just 3 episodes, the BBC shown the first series in it entirely and even commissioned a second series.

When NBC brought the rights to broadcast the show in the US they dubbed over and Americanized the voice of Eric, giving him an American accent in place of his original, London middle class one. Eric was changed into an American who had immigrated to London England, got married, had kids, divorced and had ended up stuck in England due to his woeful finances: while finding it incredibly stressful to live there.

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