short film Street of Crocodiles © Atelier Koninck
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Street of Crocodiles

This surrealistic 20 minute short film almost defies a synopsis. At its beginning a man peers into a Kinetoscope machine in a mouldering antique museum, and watches as the strings holding central character are cut. Released, this gaunt puppet-like figure then wanders into the dark, nightmarish vistas of the Street of Crocodiles, where he collects screws, is beset by blank eyed children's dolls who transplant his head; witnesses unexplained scenes of decay and sinister mechanical decrepitude, before finally leaving, or perhaps escaping.

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Oh, boy - where to start with this one. Let's try the most obvious way-in. Have you seen those disturbing stop-motion film clips for the band 'Tool'? Ok, you've got...
Created by: Atelier Koninck
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: UK
Directed by: Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay
Produced by: Keith Griffiths
Musical Score by: Lech Jankowski
Writing Credits: Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay
Animated by: Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay
Based on: Short story by Bruno Schulz (1892-1942)

Listed by Terry Gilliam ('Brazil', 'Twelve Monkeys') as one of his 10 favourite animated films.

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Street of Crocodiles -- The original 1934 short story by Bruno Schulz
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