animated series Star Street: The Adventures of the Star Kids © Telecable Benelux B.V.
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Star Street: The Adventures of the Star Kids

The Star Kids, a group of small pink creatures each with characteristics of different star signs - who love nothing more than celebrating each others birthdays - live, work and play on their star-shaped world. Yet they also have to defend themselves and others from the blubs, green dim-witted servants of Momo the Glutton, an ever hungry pink blob who wishes to eat them and anything else that he considers to be edible.

Created by: Telecable Benelux B.V.
Language: English dub / Dutch
Country of Origin: Belgium / Luxembourg / Netherlands
Series Created by: Rens Benerink
Directed by: Mike Svayko
Produced by: Phil Mendez and Bunker Jenkins
Executive Producers: Dennis Livson
Musical Score by: Joe Curiale and Jos van Woudenberg
Writing Credits: Eleanor Burian-Mohr, Jack Hanrahan, Pat Allee, Ben Hurst, David N. Gottlieb, Phil Mendez, Bunker Jenkins, Rens Benerink, Barry Bleach, Wessel de Valk, Mary Kaiser Donev, Stef Donev, John Joachims, Marylinn Kelly, John Klawitter, Karen Mendez, Richard Merwin, David Richardson, Eric Stein, Kent Stevenson and Fred van der Zwaard
Art Directors: Phil Mendez
profile by: starlac