animated movie Song of the Sea © Cartoon Saloon / Big Farm
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Song of the Sea

Ben, his father and his little sister, Saoirse live in a lighthouse by the sea. When Ben's mother passed during childbirth it left a great wound in the family. Ben's father is distant and Ben resents Saoirse who has never spoken. But Saoirse is a very special child. She is the last of the selkies--women of Irish and Scottish legend who can transform themselves into seals--and she will need all of her big brother's courage to help her set free the fairy folk trapped in the modern world.

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This is the second feature from director Tomm Moore and Cartoon Saloon. Their previous film, "The Secret of Kells," stunned the world with its beauty and garnered an Academy Award...
Created by: Cartoon Saloon, Big Farm
Language: English
Country of Origin: France / Belgium / Luxembourg / Ireland / Denmark
Featuring the voices of:
Fionnula Flanagan ... Granny
Brendan Gleeson ... Conor
David Rawle ... Ben
Lisa Hannigan ... Bronagh
Jon Kenny ... Ferry Dan
Directed by: Tomm Moore
Produced by: Paul Young and Claus Toksvig Kjaer
Musical Score by: Bruno Coulais
Writing Credits: Will Collins
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