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Slayers: The Motion Picture

Lina Inverse the sorceress and her friend/rival Naga the Serpent (also a sorceress) head off to Mipross Island to enjoy some rest and relaxation at the island's famous hot spring resort. Unfortunately their vacation doesn't go as planned when the pair wind up being enlisted by a sage to defeat a demon that has been terrorizing the island for years.

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rated it:
God, this was a confusing film to watch. I have never watched the Slayers anime series, but I have a feeling it's not necessary to have knowledge of the series...
Created by: unknown
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Megumi Hayashibara ... Lina Inverse
Maria Kawamura ... Naga
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Cynthia Martinez ... Lina Inverse
Kelly Manison ... Naga
Phil Ross ... Rowdy
David Bell ... Young Rowdy
Tristan MacAvery ... Joyrock
Directed by: Hiroshi Watanabe
Produced by: Tohru Suzuki
Executive Producers: Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
Musical Score by: Takayuki Hattori
Based on: the novel by Hazime Kanzaka
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