short film Skywhales © unknown
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On an unknown alien world lives a tribe of hunters who dwell in villages that magically float in the air. Every hunting season they go out in airships to harpoon the massive creatures known as skywhales. But hunting the creatures carries certain risks. Some are obvious. Others are not. In its own way, nature says that you can't take without giving in return.

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SKYWHALES is not half as clever as it thinks it is. The ending (which I will not reveal here -- you'll figure it out for yourself) can be predicted very...
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Both beautiful and terrifying, Skywhales is a strange animated short that has no dialogue other than its made up alien language. And yet somehow you still manage to grow attached...
Created by: unknown
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Robert Llewellyn ... All voices
Directed by: Derek Hayes and Phil Austin
Writing Credits: Derek Hayes and Phil Austin
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