animated cartoon Ruin Explorers © ANIMATE / Asia-Do
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Ruin Explorers

Dungeon-crawlers Fam and Ihrie may pick up the odd bit of treasure, but they are really searching for an ultimate relic which will grant their wishes: Fam to make a happy place where she and her friends can all live together, and Ihrie to break a curse and revenge herself on the master who placed it on her.

But others are also after the Ultimate Power, and soon the duo must compete with a catty sorceress, a dim-witted mercenary, a crooked merchant, and his nasty little dog.

But when handsome Prince Lyle appears, seeking the power to save his kingdom, petty squabbles are put on the back burner as they all join forces.

Created by: ANIMATE, Asia-Do
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Hekiru Shiina ... Fam
Michiko Neya ... Ihrlie
Chikao Ohtsuka ... Gulf
Kenichi Ogata ... Gil
Rica Matsumoto ... Rahsya
Kouichi Yamadera ... Migel
Hikaru Midorikawa ... Rael
Iemasa Kayumi ... Rugudol / Narrator
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Jessica Calvello ... Fam
Tamara Lo ... Ihrie
Guil Lunde ... Galuff
Brett Weaver ... Gill / Miguel
Kelly Manison ... Rasha
Jason Douglas ... Lyle
Tristan MacAvery ... Narrator / Rugudorull
Directed by: Takeshi Mori and Toshihisa Umitani
Produced by: Takashi Mogi, Yutaka Takahashi, Junzaburo Ishizaki and Minoru Yoshida
Executive Producers: Masaki Sawanobori, Norihiko Tada and Shigeru Watanebe
Musical Score by: Masamichi Amano
Writing Credits: Takeshi Mori and Kunihiko Tanaka
Animated by: Takuya Saito and Yoshiaki Yanagida
Based on: Manga by Kunihiko Tanaka

animated cartoon Ruin Explorers © ANIMATE / Asia-DoFam is a 'Wiggan,' a race of half-squirrel, half humans in tune with nature.

Ruin Explorers is considered one of the 'Slayers' family of anime, along with Lost Universe.

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