animated cartoon Roller Coaster Rabbit © Disney / Amblin
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Roller Coaster Rabbit

Roger, Baby Herman and his mom are at the Fun Fair. Roger wants to go on the rides, but Mom leaves Roger to look after Baby while she gets her fortune told. Thanks to Roger’s incompetence Herman loses his balloon, leading Roger to go and get another one. As soon as the rabbit’s back is turned Herman spots another balloon and pursues it, closely followed by a frantic Roger.

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I think this is my favourite of the three post 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' shorts. Unlike 'Tummy Trouble' it doesn't repeat any specific sight gags or settings from the movie,...
Created by: Disney, Amblin
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Charles Fleischer ... Roger Rabbit
Kathleen Turner ... Jessica Rabbit
April Winchell ... Young Baby Herman, Mom
Lou Hirsch ... Adult Baby Herman
Corey Burton ... Droopy
Frank Welker ... Bull
Directed by: Rob Minkoff
Produced by: Donald W. Ernst
Musical Score by: Bruce Broughton
Writing Credits: Patrick A. Ventura, Bill Kopp, Kevin Harkey and Lynne Naylor
Based on: Characters created by Gary K. Wolf.

animated cartoon Roller Coaster Rabbit © Disney / AmblinThe title card at the start of the film states that this film was made in 1947, the year Who Framed Roger Rabbit was set in.

At the start of the film there are two posters, one for The Little Mermaid and one for The Wooden Boy, the later is a reference to the name change of Basil the Great Mouse Detective, which was originally titled Basil of Baker Street.

When looking for him, Roger pulls out the following from Herman’s pushcart: a bottle, rattle, teddy, ball, safety pin, rolling pin, pistol (which fires), box of cigars, two fluffy dice, an axe, TNT, Mickey Mouse hat, a book with the title ‘Disney “Look”’ on it, a bowling ball, bear trap, an anvil, a rubber tire, bottle with a skull motif, a kitchen sink and a copy of Play-Toon magazine.

This film was released theatrically in the USA with the film ‘Dick Tracy’

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