animated series Roger Mellie: The Man on the Telly © John Brown Publishing
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Roger Mellie: The Man on the Telly

Roger Mellie is a minor celebrity for FTV (Fulchester Television) who’s vulgar mouth and brutish behaviour put him at odds with the broadcasting world. And although Tom, his long-suffering manager and personal assistant tries his best to keep Roger’s profile up, Mellie’s ways always seem to come up against him and his career.

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For this series background and history I highly recommend reading Lupercal’s review below… Anyway, in Britain we have what are known a C-List celebrities (I suppose other countries have these type...
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Considering what a simple concept this is, why do I get the feeling it's too British to make sense to a US audience unless I write an interminable amount of...
Created by: John Brown Publishing
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Peter Cook ... Roger Mellie
Harry Enfield ... Tom, other voices
Directed by: Tony Barnes
Produced by: Tony Barnes
Writing Credits: Chris Donald, Graham Dury and Simon Thorp
Based on: Characters appearing in Viz comic.
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Roger Mellie / Billy the Fish - region 2 (Europe)
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