animated movie Rock & Rule © Nelvana / Canadian Film Development Corporation / Famous Players
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Rock & Rule

In a post-apocalyptic future, where mutated humanoid animals populate the cities; Omar, Angel, Dizzy and Stretch are the members of a small-time rock band. Meanwhile the ageing rock star Mok is trying to find the one voice that will allow him to open a dimensional gate to gain access to a powerful demon. When he hears Angel singing in a club, Mok realizes that her voice is perfect for his intentions and when she refuses to leave the others, he kidnaps her and takes her to his blimp in Nuke York so he can perform the concert; with Omar and his friends in pursuit.

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This film needs to be re-discovered, like most animated films I adore. The films I mostly adore, of course, are the ones that are forgotten by nearly everyone on Earth....
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I first heard of Rock & Rule from an online friend, and as usual, I became intrigued by such an unusual sounding film. After finally tracking down the film,...
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Ah the 80's. This rock opera features the works of Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, Debbie Harry of Blondie, and Iggy Pop. Have I got your attention yet? Well what if...
Created by: Nelvana, Canadian Film Development Corporation, Famous Players
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Alternate Titles: Ring of Power, Rock 'n' Rule
Featuring the voices of:
Don Francks ... Mok
Susan Roman ... Angel
Samantha Langevin ... Mok's Computer
Paul Le Mat ... Omar
Dan Hennessey ... Dizzy
Chris Wiggins ... Toad
Greg Duffell ... Stretch, Zip
Brent Titcomb ... Sleazy
Directed by: Clive A. Smith
Musical Score by: Patricia Cullen
Writing Credits: Patrick Loubert, Peter Sauder and John Halfpenny

animated movie Rock & Rule © Nelvana / Canadian Film Development Corporation / Famous PlayersQuite the fiasco on it initial release: At a cost of $8 million and in production for five years, the film was supposed to be Canada based Nelvana’s glorious entry into the world of feature length animation after the success of their high profile TV specials. Unfortunately, due to a lack of advertising from distributor MGM, the film’s rock and rock themes, scenes involving drug use and some implied devil worship: Rock and Rule sank under potential audience’s radar’s and made only $30,379 in ticket sales.

Due to these differences in costs and takings, the film almost bankrupted its creator, Nelvana: which then had to go with low risk/high reward commercial projects like the two Star Wars series Ewoks and Droids and joint ventures like Inspector Gadget.

The damage that this film did to Nelvana was later (some might say ironically) completely erased by the huge success of the toy-based feature: The Care Bears Movie.

The film has since built up something of a cult following after being repeatable shown on network channels like HBO and Showtime.

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