animated movie Rock-A-Doodle © Don Bluth
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The inhabitants of the farm believe their rooster with the golden voice, Chanticleer, brings up the sun every morning. When the Grand Duke--an evil owl that would prefer the world to remain in darkness--shows the farm that the sun will rise without Chanticleer, the dejected rooster heads off to the big city. After he leaves, the world of the farm becomes wrapped in darkness and torrential rainstorms. Realizing their mistake, the farm animals send a search party to the city--Edmund, Patou, Peepers and Snipes--to apologize to Chanticleer and bring him home. When they get there, they realize that Chanticleer's been busy since he left home--he's become the King of Rock & Roll...

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I finally re-watched this one after not seeing it since I was a child in single digits. I remember thinking it was pretty cool and kind of creepy as...
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I just recently watched this movie again and was surprised by what a confusing mess it is. I didn't have strong or fond memories of it and now I...
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I don't know what Don Bluth was thinking when he made this silly, nonsensical animated musical about a singing rooster, but I know what I'm thinking: "Why?" ROCK-A-DOODLE isn't as...
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Rock-A-Doodle is one of Don Bluth's earlier films. They had just finished All Dogs Go to Heaven, which flopped at the box office. Unfortunately, Rock-A-Doodle would be just another movie...
Created by: Don Bluth
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Toby Scott Ganger ... Edmond
Glen Campbell ... Chanticleer
Phil Harris ... Patou
Sandy Duncan ... Peepers
Eddie Deezen ... Snipes
Ellen Greene ... Goldie
Will Ryan ... Stuey
Christopher Plummer ... Grand Duke
Charles Nelson Reilly ... Hunch
Sorrell Booke ... Pinky
Directed by: Don Bluth
Produced by: Gary Goldman, John Quested and Morris F. Sullivan
Musical Score by: Robert Folk
Songs by: T.J. Kuenster
Writing Credits: David N. Weiss
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