holiday animation Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire © BBC / Comic Relief
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Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire

Robbie, (son of that infamous reindeer with the gleaming red nose that shall not be named), has some big hooves to fill as the latest navigator of Santa's team. Unfortunately Robbie's a bit on the lazy side and easily sidetracked by.. well anything. He's booted from the sleigh team for being too out of shape, he can't cut it as a toy-making "elf" but he's determined to prove himself in the only field left open to him--the Reindeer Games.

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This terrific stop-motion short film isn't quite up there with the best of Aardman, but it's darn close, and better than some of Aardman's lesser efforts (incuding 'Chicken Run', in...
Created by: BBC, Comic Relief
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
[ US cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Ben Stiller ... Robbie the Reindeer
Britney Spears ... Donner
Hugh Grant ... Blitzen
Leah Remini ... Vixen
Brad Garrett ... Prancer
Jerry Stiller ... Old Jingle
Dick Enberg ... Des Yeti
Dan Dierdorf ... Alan Snowman
James Belushi ... Tapir
James Woods ... Narrator
[ UK cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Ardal O'Hanlon ... Robbie the Reindeer
Jane Horrocks ... Donner
Steve Coogan ... Blitzen
Caroline Quentin ... Vixen
Paul Whitehouse ... Prancer
Harry Enfield ... Old Jingle
Rhys Ifans ... Head Elf
Ricky Tomlinson ... Santa Claus
Jean Alexander ... Mrs. Santa
Alistair McGowan ... Des Yeti, Alan Snowman
Robbie Williams ... Narrator
Directed by: Richard Goleszowski
Produced by: Mark Knopfler
Writing Credits: Andy Riley, Kevin Cecil and Richard Curtis
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[includes Hooves of Fire and the Legend of the Lost Tribe]
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