animated movie Ringing Bell © Madhouse Productions / Sanrio
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Ringing Bell

Chirin is a young lamb who once lived a happy, idyllic life on a farm. One day, a wolf tries to attack him, but his mother is killed instead. Angry and confused, Chirin finds he can no longer reconcile himself with the laws of nature and decides that he has no choice but to become a wolf himself.

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[NOTE: This review is currently based on my opinions of the original Japanese film, though I will add something about the dub once I see it. Also spoilers ahoy.] Just by...
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Its about time this was added. I dont know if its because I am an emo or that I just like sad depressing or just plain weird movies but I really...
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One of most deceptive animes I've ever seen since The Brave Frog. Don't let the Sanrio label fool you. Ringing Bell is one of the most mind-numbingly depressing animated films...
Created by: Madhouse Productions, Sanrio
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Chirin no suzu (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Akira Kamiya ... Chirin(adult)
Minori Matsushima ... Chirin(baby)
Seizo Katou ... Wolf
Taeko Nakanishi ... Chirin's mother
Hitoshi Takagi ... Narrator
Directed by: Masami Hata
Produced by: Shintarô Tsuji, Tsunemasa Hatano, Bran Arandjelovich and Karen Arandjelovich
Musical Score by: Taku Izumi
Based on: Novel Chirin no Suzu by Takashi Yanase

Shown as part of a double feature after Mouse and His Child.

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