animated series Rex the Runt © Aardman / BBC
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Rex the Runt

Rex the Runt welcomes you to his mad little world: where he and his friends, Wendy, Big Bob and deranged Vince have strange misadventures involving shrinking rays, tin can time machines, Easter Island look-alike aliens and other general bizarre weird happenings.

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rated it:
a stop motion and funny show that aslo has a good moral. I give 4 stars wow I never realized it the mid 1990s. . .my ratings 1/2 stars actually...
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rated it:
I always thoroughly enjoyed this bizarre claymation whenever I happened to catch it on TV. I don't think I ever saw it regularly enough to figure out exactly what...
Created by: Aardman, BBC
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Andrew Franks ... Rex (1998)
Colin Rote ... Rex (2001)
Elisabeth Hadley ... Wendy
Kevin Wrench ... Bad Bob (1998)
Andrew Jeffers ... Bad Bob (2001)
Steve Box ... Vince
Directed by: Richard Goleszowski
Produced by: Michael Rose
Executive Producers: Steve Walsh and Mikael Shields
Writing Credits: David Freedman and Alan Gilbey
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