animated movie Return to Neverland © Disney / Disney Australia
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Return to Neverland

It is many years after the events of the first Peter Pan movie and Wendy is telling her own children tales of Peter Pan as the bombs of World War II fall on London. Wendy's daughter, Jane, is much too practical to believe in fairies or boys who can fly--even after she is kidnapped by Captain Hook and taken back to Neverland. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys come to her rescue but, without the belief in the magic of imagination, Jane can't fly and can't leave Neverland. Worse still, the fact that Jane doesn't believe in fairies causes Tinkerbell to begin to slowly fade away. To save Tinkerbell and get Jane home, Peter must show Jane that with a little faith--and a little pixie dust--anything is possible.

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rated it:
I donít want to hate this film. It begins with a tribute to the original film portrayed in silhouettes in the sky, after all. Itís a beautiful tribute,...
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rated it:
Not good enough for four stars, but not bad enough to receive less than two and a half. When I heard there was a sequel to Peter Pan, I thought "Oh...
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rated it:
This one presented me with a quandry. Either I sold the original short by only giving it three and half stars, or this one only deserves two and a half....
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rated it:
Okay, I admit it. I'm impressed... and it takes a good deal to impress me when I'm presented with one of Disney's dreaded sequels. Peter Pan was one of my...
Created by: Disney, Disney Australia
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Blayne Weaver ... Peter Pan
Corey Burton ... Captain Hook
Jeff Bennett ... Smee, the Pirates
Harriet Owen ... Jane, Young Wendy
Kath Soucie ... Wendy
Andrew McDonough ... Danny
Roger Rees ... Edward
Quinn Beswick ... Slightly
Bradley Pierce ... Nibs
Spencer Breslin ... Cubby
Aaron Spann ... the Twins
Directed by: Robin Budd
Produced by: Christopher Chase and Dan Rounds
Musical Score by: Joel McNeely
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