animated series Pocoyo © Zinkia Entertainment / Granada International
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"Pocoyo translates from Spanish as 'little me'. Pocoyo is a curious, fun-loving, friendly little boy who's always into something new. Whether he's on a quest with his friends in outer space or just cleaning up his building blocks, every day is an adventure." -- official site

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Pocoyo is one my favorite characters. About the characters are Pato the duck, The caterpillar, the sleeping bird, baby bird and Fred the octopus, & of coarse the green Martian. They are...
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I've seen a lot of shows aimed at toddlers, and Pocoyo definitely ranks among the best. The animation is excellent, fast and snappy. The design is nice, with soft rounded...
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Edit: 2 stars It's nearly impossible for an adult to write a sensible review of a series aimed at three year-olds. There is nothing here which goes over the toddlers' heads...
Created by: Zinkia Entertainment, Granada International
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK / Spain
Featuring the voices of:
Stephen Fry ... Narrator
Alex Kearns ... Pocoyo
Directed by: David Cantolla and Guillermo Garcia
Executive Producers: Kath Hart
Musical Score by: Daniel Heredero
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