animated movie Pinocchio 3000 © CinéGroupe / Fílmax
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Pinocchio 3000

It is the year 3000 and Mayor Scamboli is busy ensuring that his metropolis, Scamboville, is as slick, high-tech and metal as possible. In another part of Scamboville, in a tiny house that lies amid the great metal highrises, the inventor and master toymaker, Geppetto, is perfecting his most wonderous invention--a robotic boy that is to be his son. But Pinnochio is a very special robot in that he possesses the P3K chip that gives him the power of imagination, making him as close to a human child as he can be. Still, Cyberina promises him that if he can learn right from wrong that someday perhaps he can be a real boy...

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I First Seen Pinocchio 3000 5 Years Ago At Aunt Linda's House And It Was The Best! The Cast And Its CGI Graphics Were Pretty Good. The Song What's The...
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I am thrilled with the makers' fresh new take on the original story. Placing the setting way into the future and Pinocchio be a robot was such a great idea...
Created by: CinéGroupe, Fílmax
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / France / Spain
Featuring the voices of:
Whoopi Goldberg ... Cyberina
Howie Mandel ... Spencer
Malcolm McDowell ... Scamboli
Directed by: Daniel Robichaud
Musical Score by: James Gelfand
Writing Credits: Claude Scasso and Peter Svatek
Based on: the book by Carlo Collodi

This film has its theatre-debut in Spain in 2004 and will be released in theatres in France on February 9, 2005. No word yet when it will be arriving in North America.

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Daniel Robichaud/P3K -- the website of Pinocchio 3000's director which includes images, concept art and the trailer
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