animated cartoon Pet Shop of Horrors © Madhouse Productions
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Pet Shop of Horrors

In the heart of Chinatown there is a mysterious pet shop where Count D will sell you your heart's desire. Woe to those who break the conditions of the contract, though: the pet shop takes no responsibility for the damages wrought by improperly cared-for critters.

Rookie detective Leon Orcott has set his sights on bringing the pet shop and its owner under criminal investigation, but what he finds there is far beyond anything he could have imagined.

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Pet Shop of Horrors is a delightful cross between Gremlins and something like Tales from the Crypt. Customers at Count D's pet shop may find a 'pet' which fulfills...
Created by: Madhouse Productions
Language: English / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Toshihiko Seki ... Count D
Masaya Onosaka ... Leon Orcott
Miho Yamada ... Q-chan
Itsuki Ukino ... Jill
Miki Itô ... Louise
Takshi Nagamine ... Kirin (male)
Mitsuru Miyamoto ... Kelly Vincent
Mitsuaki Madoro ... Roger Stanford
Sayuri Yoshida ... Alice
Takeshi Watanabe ... Police Captain
Featuring the voices of:
Alex Fernandez ... Leon Alcott
John Demita ... Count D
Sandee Yamamoto ... Q-chan
Jack Fletcher ... Police Captain
Julia Fletcher ... Jill & Mrs. Hayworth
Kate Vogt ... Louise
Matt McKenzie ... Roger Stanford
Matthew Miller ... Robin Hendrix
Wendee Lee ... Alice
Series Created by: Matsuri Akino
Directed by: Jack Fletcher, Toshio Hirata and Kimiaki Nagumo
Produced by: Sandee Yamamoto
Executive Producers: Masao Maruyama
Musical Score by: Mario Litwin
Writing Credits: Yasuhiro Imagawa
Based on: Pet Shop of Horrors manga by Matsuri Akino

animated cartoon Pet Shop of Horrors © Madhouse ProductionsPet Shop of Horrors originally appeared on Japanese television in tiny, 2 1/2 minute increments between other programs.

There are only four half-hour episodes in the animé, but the manga series consists of ten books. There are many more manga adventures, and more information on Leon and the mysterious Count D. The manga is often lighter and has a more humorous style than the animé.

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Currently out of print in the USA
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