animated series My Little Pony and Friends © Marvel / Sunbow Productions / DIC Entertainment / Hasbro
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My Little Pony and Friends

A human girl named Megan has adventures in a fantasy land full of magical pastel-colored talking ponies, whom she has come to befriend and care for.

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Given that Hasbro had, as of 1986, been releasing new My Little Pony media each year (two specials, followed by a movie), a television series was probably inevitable. My...
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Just like the past two reviews I to enjoyed this series as a little girl. As a grown up I find this series enjoyable but kinda annoying with all the...
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I could probably count what's inherently wrong with this show and run out of fingers and toes. Animation mistakes. Moments where one character is talking and another's lips are moving....
Created by: Marvel, Sunbow Productions, DIC Entertainment, Hasbro
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: My Little Pony
Featuring the voices of:
Charles Adler ... Spike
Bettina ... Various voices
Susan Blu ... Lofty/Phluma
William Callaway ... Various voices
Roger C. Carmel ... Mulligan
Nancy Cartwright ... Gusty
Danny Cooksey ... Various voices
Peter Cullen ... Captain Crabnasty
Jennifer Darling ... Various voices
Sandy Duncan ... Firefly
Katie Leigh ... Fizzy/Baby Sundance
Tress MacNeille ... Various voices
Ginny McSwain ... Megan
Sarah Partridge ... Wind Whistler
Russi Taylor ... Morning Glory/Rose Dust
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