animated series Motormouse and Autocat © Hanna-Barbera
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Motormouse and Autocat

Everyday Motorcat clocks into work at the Spin Your Wheels garage, his job, to catch and get rid of the motorbike riding rodent Motormouse. However Motormouse is very quick on his souped-up bikeís wheels and so Autocat has to devise custom vehicles of his own that can not only catch a mouse, but also keep up with this particular one.

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To be honest, this maybe deserves 2 stars, but there are extenuating circumstances which I'll get to later. Yes, this is HB doing the Warner/MGM formula yet again - but then,...
Created by: Hanna-Barbera
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Dick Curtis ... Motormouse
Marty Ingels ... Autocat
Directed by: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Produced by: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Musical Score by: Ted Nichols and Mike Curb

Originally a segment of the one-hour-block The Cattanooga Cats, the cartoon later appeared as a half-hour block with Itís the Wolf, which had also been a part of The Cattanooga Cats.

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