animated movie Moshi Monsters: The Movie © Universal / Mind Candy
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Moshi Monsters: The Movie

Katsuma wants Roary Scrawl to put him in his documentary movie, but the film maker chooses Poppet to star along with him as co-star. Meanwhile the evil Dr. Strangeglove steals the Moshling Egg that Buster Bumblechops recently discovered. Strangeglove threatens to smash the egg unless he is brought three hard-to-find treasures. After Scrawl notes that it would make for great footage for his movie, Katsuma volunteers himself, more interesting in becoming a star than saving the egg. Together with his friends Poppet, Zommer, Furi, Luvli, and Mr. Snoodle, Katsuma goes to find the treasures, with the idea of luring Strangeglove into a trap.

Created by: Universal, Mind Candy
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
[ US cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Cathy Weseluck ... Katsuma
Tara Strong ... Poppet
Samuel Vincent ... Zommer, Diavlo
Clé Bennett ... Dr. Strangeglove
Christian Potenza ... Fishlips
Brian Drummond ... Furi, Sweet Tooth, Roary
Tabitha St. Germain ... Luvli
Peter Oldring ... Buster Bumblechops
[ UK cast ] Featuring the voices of:
Emma Tate ... Katsuma, Luvli
Phillipa Alexander ... Poppet
Ashley Slater ... Dr. Strangeglove, Zommer
Boris Hiestand ... Fishlips, Newsreader
Tom Clarke Hill ... Furi, Roary
Keith Wickham ... Buster Bumblechops, Diavlo
Steve Cleverley ... Sweet Tooth
Featuring the voices of:
Rajesh David ... Bobbi SingSong
Directed by: Wip Vernooij and Morgan Francis
Produced by: Jocelyn Stevenson and Giles Healy
Executive Producers: Darran Garnham, Divinia Knowles and Michael Acton Smith
Musical Score by: Sanj Sen
Writing Credits: Steve Cleverley and Jocelyn Stevenson
Based on: the online game.
profile by: starlac