animated movie Millionaire Dogs © EIV Entertainment / Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden Württemberg / ORB / ZDF
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Millionaire Dogs

When Miss Lilly dies, she leaves her mansion and one million dollars to her five dogs (and parrot). The gang is joined by JD, a stray Labrador. Everything looks fine until they run up against Miss Lilly's greedy relations, who scheme to take back the estate.

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rated it:
This isn't the worst film I've seen in any technique of film-making (live action, animation, ect.), but it is one of the worst animated ones I've ever come across. I loved...
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rated it:
Wow, this was a disappointing film. Previously I have been surprised and delighted by foreign films like A Fish Tale (Help, I'm a Fish) and Kirikou and the Sorceress....
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Well . . . thank goodness I only spent a nickel to rent this. *spoilers ahead; you were warned* "Millionare Dogs" is the tale of five dogs (and a parrot too) and...
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rated it:
I'm from Germany. I want to work in the animation industry. I want to show everyone that there could be better movies made here than "Millionaire Dogs". This is the...
Created by: EIV Entertainment, Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden Württemberg, ORB, ZDF
Language: German
Country of Origin: Germany
Alternate Title: Hot Dogs: Wau - wir sind reich! (Germany)
[ German ] Featuring the voices of:
Michael Chevalier ... Sherman
Thomas Danneberg ... J.D.
Nina Hagen ... Emmo
Hans Hohlbein ... Chuffie
Katharina Koschny ... Bella
Lutz Mackensy ... Ronnie
Philine Peters-Arnolds ... Hannie
Bettina Schön ... Miss Lilly
Magdalena Turba ... Velvet
Directed by: Michael Schoemann
Produced by: Michael Schoemann and Dieter Kablitz
Musical Score by: Toby Gad, Gregor Narholz and Jaqueline Nemorin
Writing Credits: Karin Howard and Joseph D. Steuben
Animated by: Carlos Alfonso and Chris Randall

A theatrical release in German speaking parts of Europe. English language dub available on DVD in UK/Europe. Broadcast on Cartoon Network in USA in 2003. USA DVD release by Warner is coming soon, according to, but I think they've been saying that for rather a while. Released on VHS in Australia in 2000 and presently out of print.

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