animated cartoon Mickey's The Three Musketeers © Disney
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Mickey's The Three Musketeers

While pushing a broom in Musketeer Headquarters, Mickey dreams of the ultimate promotion to Musketeer-hood. But he knows that he and his coworkers, Donald and Goofy, have a long way to go. That is until Peg-leg Pete, captain of the Musketeers, and his sinister lieutenant, Clarabelle decide to use them in a dastardly plot to rid the kingdom of Princess Minnie - the only mouse standing between Pete and the throne! Pete makes the trio official Musketeers and assigns them to "protect" Princess Minnie, assuming they'll fail to get the job done. But what Pete hasn't pegged on is the fact that Mickey, Donald and Goofy are about to learn an invaluable lesson about friendship, teamwork and the true meaning of "All for one and one for all!" -- from Magical Ears

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In this movie you just want to reach out and strangle several of the characters. They're just so darn annoying. Minnie for instance is incredibly annoying. Her...
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For the last couple days I have been sick. Very sick. Like Night-of-the-Living-Dead kind of sick. So today, my Dad dropped off a couple boxes of kleenex, medicine and "Mickey's...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Wayne Allwine ... Mickey Mouse
Tony Anselmo ... Donald Duck
Bill Farmer ... Goofy
Jim Cummings ... Pete
Tress MacNeille ... Daisy
Russi Taylor ... Princess Minnie
April Winchell ... Clarabelle
Directed by: Donovan Cook
Produced by: Margot Pipkin
Musical Score by: Bruce Broughton
Writing Credits: David M. Evans and Evan Spiliotopoulos
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Magical Ears: The Three Musketeers -- credits, plot, images and early reviews
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