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Mary and Max

Eight year old Mary Daisy Dinkle lives in Australia. She has a birthmark in the middle of her forehead and doesn't feel like she has any friends. While at the post office one day, Mary pulls the name of an 'M. Horovitz' out of a New York phone book and decides to write to him to ask if babies in America come from the bottom of beers as they do in Australia. M. Horovitz, or Max Jerry Horovitz, turns out to be a forty-four-year old, severely obese man who suffers anxiety attacks but shares Mary's love of chocolate and cartoons. For the next twenty years, these two unlikely penpals share countless letters and life's various ups and downs.

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Athena and Lupercal said everything that is to say about this little gem of a movie so I won't steal too much of your time with my rambling. I had to...
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Strap yourself in: this is a hell of a ride. It's one of those films which makes you shake yourself awake and realise nobody had been doing anything much with...
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In a landscape of animated films that seem to be all look and no substance, "Mary and Max" hits with the weight of a freight train. This is an intimate...
Created by: Melodrama Pictures
Language: English
Country of Origin: Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Toni Collette ... Mary Daisy Dinkle
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... Max Jerry Horovitz
Eric Bana ... Damien
Renée Geyer ... Vera
Bethany Whitmore ... Young Mary
Barry Humphries ... Narrator
Directed by: Adam Elliot
Produced by: Melanie Coombs
Executive Producers: Mark Gooder, Paul Hardart, Tom Hardart, Bryce Menzies and Jonathan Page
Writing Credits: Adam Elliot
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