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Lupin III (1977)

This series is more lighthearted than the first Lupin series, but not quite as slapstick as the third. Like the other two series however, Lupin and his companions, Daisuke and Goemon, travel the world looking for challenging loot to steal.

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Out of the three Lupin III TV series, this one was that was most important. The nature of this series basically set the tone for Lupin III over the next...
Created by: unknown
Language: Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Masuyama Eiko ... Mine Fujiko
Naya Goro ... Inspector Zenigata
Kobayashi Kiyoshi ... Jigen Daisuke
Yamada Yasuo ... Arsène Lupin III
Inoue Makio ... Ishikawa Goemon
Based on: the manga by Kato Kazuhiko (aka "Monkey Punch")

The second of the three 'Lupin III' series, commonly referred to by fans as the "red jacket" series.

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